Staff Spotlight – Marcus Epps Discusses Helping Students Succeed

Marcus T. Epps is the Coordinator of Academic Coaching & Tutoring Services from Buffalo NY. Epps job involves helping mentors, tutors, and teaching assistants understand that impacting the success of other students involves much more than being a “good” student themselves. The Pinnacle had an opportunity for a Q and A with Epps. Continue reading “Staff Spotlight – Marcus Epps Discusses Helping Students Succeed”


Winter Break: Survival of the Fittest

You’ve officially made it! Some of you may have just finished your first semester of college and others may have just finished their last; however, regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, there’s one last thing you should be aware of… Continue reading “Winter Break: Survival of the Fittest”

A Farewell Address to Summer Lounging

Dear Summer Vacation,

I know that in the past we’ve shared great experiences trying to rid ourselves of school related stress and everything we were taught… but I have a confession to make. I really can’t believe I’m about to say this…but… If I’m going to have a smooth transition into this fall semester, we need to redefine our relationship and its boundaries. I’m sorry, but you’ll be happy to know that it’s not you, it’s me. I’m sure that you’ll rebound quickly and find someone else to be with, but it’s time for me to do what’s in my best interest.


Responsible College Student

Continue reading “A Farewell Address to Summer Lounging”

Time Management: 6 Steps for Creating a Weekly Schedule

When I first tell them, college students find it hard to believe that after classes, studying, eating, sleeping, clubs/teams, and grooming, they can still have between 20-40 hours of time each week solely to themselves without having to worry about any of the above. Where is all of that time going? Continue reading “Time Management: 6 Steps for Creating a Weekly Schedule”